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Andrew Taylor worked with my son, in connection with a volleyball training academy started up in the Spring of 2018. Andrew was personable, well liked by my son, demanding, thorough, and capable of motivating my son to get better every day. If interested, I would recommend Andrew Taylor without reservation.

-Richard D

I am a 50-something woman and a Waukesha native. I met Andrew and his wife (and adorable baby) at the Waukesha Farmer's Market in June. I had spent the better part of the previous decade exercising at Evolution Exercise and Spine Center. That facility uses the "super-slow" method of exercising, exclusively on Med-Ex machines. It was expensive-about $45.00 for a 20-30 minute session. While I liked the definition that my muscles had, it was incredibly repetitive. There isn't any cardio involved, because they claim that you get enough heart-pumping simply working on the machines. The other unusual aspect to this training is that the temperature is controlled so that you never sweat!


I decided to purchase exercise sessions from Andrew in order to A) support a local entrepreneur, and B) get in shape for my 40th class reunion in September! From my first visit, I found Andy to be both incredibly upbeat and intelligent about exercise. He developed personalized workouts for me that are varied enough to keep me interested and engaged. He makes immediate adjustments if there are problems (or pain). I appreciate his patience, but also his uncanny ability to keep me going, even when I am struggling (PULL-UPS). He is both taskmaster and head cheerleader during our workouts. He challenges me to try things like kettle-bell swinging, which I felt like a spaz doing at first, but am already getting pretty good at


The results? I am proud to say that I had the best arms and abs at the reunion festivities last weekend. I have never been one to weigh myself, but I know when my clothes fit well, and I totally rocked a size 6 dress that I hadn't had an occasion to wear before the reunion. This was after about 12 weeks of twice-weekly sessions. I have discovered that I LIKE sweating! Feeling stronger and trimmer naturally contributed to my making subtle changes in my diet. It also helped me convince my 60 year-old partner to sign up. He had NEVER exercised in his life, as his is naturally slim. Seeing him get excited about gaining some muscles has been more fun than anything. Andy's enthusiasm is simply infectious-he has made us be energized to take bike rides, and even work out at home with the simple tools we now know about. We are hooked. - Beth

I have had the pleasure to work with Andrew for the past year now. My goal was to get in shape for my final year of college lacrosse, and boy did I. He pushed me to the max every day we trained, not only physically but mentally, which paid dividends at the end of the season. With a minute to go in double overtime our goal was to stop Madison from scoring the game winning goal while giving our team a chance to win it ourselves. We held for 45 seconds when our goalie made an incredible save which freed the ball up for a 50/50 opportunity between me and my opponent. The real ratio turned out to be 100/0 because after training with Andrew I knew that this was our game to win. I picked up the ball, weaved through the enemy with ease, and made the game winning assist at the buzzer. Later that day we went on to win the GLLL Tournament Championship. I am thankful to have such an ally on my side. - August

I wanted to tone and tighten my entire body in addition to losing unwanted pounds.  However, I didn't know how to accomplish my goals.  Since starting with Andy in June, I have lowered my total body fat, lost inches all over my body,  lowered my BMI and lastly lost weight.  I cannot wait to see the changes to my body over the next 4 months. - Barb

I have been working with Andrew for a couple of months and for the first time ever, I really enjoy exercising. I feel great after our workouts and look forward to the next one. Andrew is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and shares this knowledge with his clients. He fosters dialogue with his client, answering questions and really finding out his clients goals and tailoring the program to that. He is professional and personable. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking to get into shape for the first time or looking to get back into fitness after a hiatus. - Paramveer

Andrew Taylor set up a awesome programs for my high school boys volleyball basketball and softball teams. He created workouts weekly that maintain healthy lifestyles for the athletes. The athletes liked his workouts and they stay well engaged with what he does as far as jumping, quick speed. I highly recommend him for whatever you need. - Richard W

Andrew was a great addition to our conditioning program. I coach volleyball for a high school and he worked with all our girls in the program weekly. He created workouts to fit the needs of a volleyball player; they were very specific to jumping, quick speed, toning, etc. His love for what he does showed and we absolutely appreciated the work he put into our entire program! - Amber

I used Andrew's service through in home training. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of training, nutrition and health. He isn't expecting a home gym and actually brings most of the equipment he plans to use with him. He is very courteous, respectful of your home, patient with my dogs that are totally happy to see people and let the people know. Andrew is always very respectful of your time and is on time. His home training is always something different. Not the same old stuff week after week. His schedule is flexible and he enjoys what he does. He pushed me to do better for myself mentally and physically. Unfortunately I had to stop using his service due to personal reasons (not related to his service) but do recommend him highly for anyone that is looking to get in better shape, learn about nutrition and wants to achieve goals they never thought were possible with their mind, body and health. - Gabby

Andrew's energy and passion for training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are evident the moment you meet him. His work with our student-athletes went well beyond the expertise and coaching he was able to deliver. Andrew was able to connect and find ways to motivate and train many athletes regardless of their personal fitness and experience level. We're lucky to have him as part of our performance training programs. - Jordan

Don't waste your time with any other trainer. I highly recommend his 21 day program. You can do it all at home and get amazing results! Andrew writes me weightlifting programs that I do once or twice a week with my own routine and it keeps me in incredible shape - even after having 2 kids. He is always reading and researching nutrition and he shares all his knowledge with me so I'm eating the best possible ways. Andrew is very supportive and wants you to succeed! - Michelle

Safe and effective is the two best words that I can use to describe Andrew's methods. I can't stress enough as someone who has been training for many years now how important safety is when it comes to training. Andrew has shown me many incredible techniques that I have used and still use to this day. Not once have I been injured and every time I have seen amazing results. Another great part about Andrew is his knowledge on the right program but also his knowledge on diet. He knows how to train both athletes and people who are trying to improve their health. I highly recommend this for anyone who is trying to obtain any physical goal because Andrew will get you there! - Josh

I have worked with Andy for over 5 years now. He has trained me basketball & baseball tournaments, created programs to help recover from back issues, coached me to better overall fitness and health. He is my go to personal trainer.

I enjoy working with Andy because not only does he teach you the workout, but explains the benefits and science behind it. His collaborative and personalized approach makes him one of the best in the fitness/wellness industry.

For any health, wellness, fitness needs, I always turn to Andy at Taylor Performance and Wellness. - Moiz

Coach Taylor is by far one of the best guys out there. I worked with him for about 3 years. He trained me for football and Track and Field. He really knows his stuff. He knows nutrition, strength, stretching, cardio, quickness, etc. What really separates him from other trainers is his attitude. He is always positive, but also likes to push you. I can honestly say that Coach Taylor made me a better athlete, as well as a better person. - Jake

I have known Andrew since the 3rd grade. I am now in the 6th grade and have consistently worked out with Andrew for the past couple of years. Andrew has not only helped me to grow to be more athletic but has also taught me how to eat better.
Andrew has helped me perform to my highest level. I look forward to many years to come with being able to work out with Andrew. Not only has Andrew been a great trainer he has been a great mentor as well. He has taken me up and beyond to were I thought I would be. Andrew is top notch and I would give him a "10." Written by Adam Age 12

My 16 year old son trains with Andrew for strength and conditioning, with a specific focus on volleyball. Andrew took time to evaluate his level of performance at the onset and promised to address his nagging shoulder soreness. From the beginning, Andrew took the time to teach my son the proper way to do the lifts and after only a few months, my son has seen an improvement in all of his lifts. After only a few months, my son’s shoulder pain all but disappeared. In addition, Andrew always has new lifts for the group to do which keeps it fun and interesting. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the progression my son has made in such a short time, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Andrew’s dedication to his clients. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great personal trainer! - Joann

Andrew worked with both of my kids who wanted to improve their sports performance and they realized real results. Andrew was both creative and flexible in creating individual workouts for them. I would highly recommend Andrew. - Cindy

My son (16) and I (49) worked with Andy to get started with a routine, both working out and diet. We have limited equipment and thought that would be an issue, not for Andy! Not only was he more than willing to utilize the equipment we have, in order to keep costs down, he also brought his own kettle bells, rubber bands, TRX bands, etc., to make things fun and exciting. Andy is genuinely enthusiastic and was very prepared for each session. Give him a try, you won’t regret it!! Dave & Josh

We met Andrew several years ago when I purchased an exercise bike for my daughter. My daughter Stacey has Down Syndrome and losing weight was hard for her. She was not exercising or eating healthy. We signed up with Andrew immediately after hearing the wesome raves about his training and healthy eating habits from the shop where the bike was purchaed. After the first few sessions Andrew pulled me aside and told me he was worried about my daughter's weight. I immediately cried at this news. He told me some clients just give upand do not want to follow his program. Did we? Absolutely not! We made changes by exercising more and eating healthier. Andrew has been my daughter's rock and mine too. He has patience with my daughter and make he works out fun. I often hear her say "really Andrew" to new and harder work-outs. Stacey feels more confident about herself, enjoys her bike and exercising with Andrew. Even through the recent troubling times with COVID19 Andrews has been here for Stacey and me. We don't know what we would have done without him. STACEY and SUE

Coming off a season ending back injury, I knew that I needed to find a way to add muscle to my frame while focusing on injury prevention in order to stay healthy. Coach Taylor created a training plan for me focused on a combination of nutrition and lifting, while pushing myself to become a more complete athlete. I trained both individually and as a group with Coach Taylor and the training sessions were all a blast. Individually, I focused on getting my body ready for the high school volleyball season while adding muscle, and I felt stronger after every session. Training in a group allowed me to spend my lifting sessions with my brother and friend, and we pushed each other to get stronger and more explosive while having fun. Coach Taylor’s lifting regimen focused on specific areas where improvement was needed, and all of his exercises had a clear purpose for building different muscle groups. In addition to being a great trainer, Coach Taylor is a class act and knows how to keep his athletes motivated. I would strongly recommend Coach Taylor if you are looking for a trainer who will listen to you, modify exercises to fit your needs, and make each training session fun. - Nate

Andy Taylor spent time working with our Youth Speed & Strength programs at Martin Luther High School.  His knowledge and application of current training practices is outstanding.  He is committed to a step by step sequential approach driven by proper technique, injury prevention and safety.  His programming takes into account athletes’ individual needs, abilities, and differences.  His no nonsenses detailed oriented approach produced positive results with clientele. 


Coach H

Martin Luther High School PE Specialist

Head Football Coach

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